Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday was the day Kathy officially moved into her new place.  We all went over to put the finishing touches on her apartment.  Clayton and David went over to decorate, Jan created the poster, and we all arrived to welcome Kathy to her new home!

 We hung around for a while, and then escorted her to her first dinner there, and said our good byes.

We will head out early Monday morning on our way to San Diego.  We will stop briefly in Anahiem to see Jim Rowe, Dave's cousin.  We will leave the trailer there, and Dave will return after the beginning of the bike ride next Friday.  We are anticipating getting into San Diego around 5 or 6 pm Monday.

We arrived at El Dorado Hills around 2 pm Saturday.  Clayton and Lorrie were there to greet us along with their son David, wife Jen, Greg, and JoAnne.


We spent several hours getting the apartment set up, including hanging pictures, TV, bed and clothes.  Escaton is a really nice place, and Kathy says she will really like it there. 

We all had a nice lasagna dinner at Lorrie's and Clayton's, and then settled in at the nearby Holiday Inn for the night.