Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, Oct 28, Monday, Oct 29th Arrival at the Mexican Border

Three more Pacific Coast riders made it to the Mexican border!  Nancy Kelley, Katie Lemley, and Kathy Kirby went the extra miles to arrive at Memorial Park and the border fence between the US and Mexico.  Nancy took the border patrol up on the sign that said if she wanted to go between the double fences.  Below is Nancy in that area.  (Nancy's photo)

(Photos from Kirby's blog)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012 90 miles 2,100 ft of climb

Ann, Nancy and I started out our LAST day at 7:00 am from San Clemente, CA.  Nancy and Ann had set up another great route, and we were able to get on a bike path immediately.  We were not the only ones out on bikes on this Saturday morning.  There were many surfers on their way to a surfing competition on the San Clemente beaches.  It was amazing how they carried their boards on carriers mounted on their bikes!  The surfers were not all just kids, either!

San Clemente is the last city north of the Marine Base of Camp Pendelton.  This is a popular biking area for locals, and soon we were joined by others coming from Oceanside, the city to the south of the base.  All cyclists have to show photo ID's to enter.  The roads were chip seal in some parts, but there was a bike lane on both sides that was quite smooth.  There were interesting signs, too. 

Next came Oceanside Harbor, where we had yet another bike path.  We met Dave there for a Sag stop, and had a chat with the manager of a surrey bike rental place.  The surreys looked like fun to have for young families!

We rode through Carlsbad, Encinitas, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, UCSD campus, and finally San Diego!

We ran into some major construction in the Torrey Pines area.  The road was closed even to pedestrians in one part.  Nancy and I were together, but Ann was back a ways.  We had some help from another cyclist, Phyllis, and she guided us through the detour for pedestrians.  Ann, however, ended up following the detour meant for autos, which put her up on the I-5 for one exit.  It actually is not illegal for one exit, but it is a very busy freeway!  As usual, Ann caught up to us just fine, although she was frustrated with the situation.

We arrived at Point Loma where Nancy and Ann had their hotels.  They both decided they were happy with arriving in San Diego, and calling it close enough.   We had already gone almost 70 miles.

I, of course, had to do E.F.I. - so off I went!  I did not want to wait for the ferry to cross to Coronado Island, so Dave took me over the Coronado Bridge and dropped me off.  I rode the Silver Strand into Imperial Beach, and through the city traffic, neighborhoods, and then out to fields and horseback riding ranches.  The road was getting so narrow on Monument Drive, I was questioning if I was on the right road!  Just about that time, here comes Dave behind me!  Whew!!

After a part of the road with deep gravel, and a short steep, I had made it!!  As I rode over to the border fence, who do I see?  Sue Wright and Lynda Churchfield!!  We had met up by chance each day on our first two days, but what are the chances of seeing them there?? 

To celebrate, Dave and I had a little chips and salsa picnic.  :-)

Starting from the Canadian border near Bellingham, Washington, riding through Washington, Oregon, and California to the Mexican border has been quite a ride.  We rode 1,800 miles and had 70,000 ft of climb.  There were a lot of physical challenges, and 33 new sisters supporting each other all the way.


 Oceanside bike path

 Coronado Island