Thursday, March 18, 2010

Silver City, New Mexico Our day off!

I thought this day would never arrive!  After 8 days straight of riding, we finally got a day off!  Got laundry done last night, so the day was open. The first thing was to get my bike cleaned...chain, cogs, derailleurs, brakes, even the frame got a thorough cleaning.  The day was sunny, around 65 today.  Good day to explore the town.

Silver City is a quaint little artsy town with lots of shops and galleries.  Mike and I started off into town, found the bike shops, and wandered in and out of other shops.  We joined some of our cohorts for an outdoor lunch at the Curious Kumquat.

I left for an appointment for a massage.  Did that take the kinks out!

On my way back, I ran into Pam Harrison.  We stopped at the Allota Gelato for a gelato treat.

Yesterday, while taking photos of each other, I dropped my sun glasses.  Mike traded places with me to take my photo, and she stepped on them!  We could not stop laughing!  I tried to bend them back into place, but they sure looked lopsided!  I replaced them today (one of those grocery store versions to replace my convenience store version from Phoenix!)  I also got glasses holders that go around my neck so I won't drop them again!

The highlight of the night was a tattoo party!!  Well, temporary ones, anyway!

Tomorrow will be a short 48 miles, but up from 5,930 feet to 8,228 feet!  We won't have a tail wind, so it will be especially challenging.  This will be the highest altitude of the entire ride!  There will also be an 8 mile downhill that will be really curvy!  Yikes!

We will also be at a "No-Star" motel with no WiFi, so it will be two days before I can enter any blogs.