Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crestview to Marianna, Florida (94 miles) Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today was a big day...we rode east on Hwy 90 for 90 miles.  90 on 90!  With the turn to the motel, the total was 94 miles.  Fortunately, the shoulder was smooth, the wind was from the south, and the drivers were courteous.  I guess they must be used to Southern Tier riders!

Yesterday Linda Baldwin, our chef, gave us a reminder (again!) about eating and drinking enough on a long mile ride.  "Eat something every ten miles, and drink two bottles' worth of water for each twenty miles!"  Good advice!

Linda was able to ride today for 35 miles!  She rarely gets to ride at all, and then it is usually only for 20 miles.  When Carol and Lynn pulled up, Linda reluctantly put her bike on the front of the van.  It was fun while it lasted! It takes an afternoon to shop and prepare dinner for 24 people from the back of a trailer!

Jo Ann Bary was our Sag Captain today.  It is a difficult job, especially on a long day when we get so spread out.  I think riding would be less tiring!

I caught Jo Ann Klassen with her water pack strapped to the front of her, under her vest!  Sometimes you just do what you have to do in a pinch.  We kidded her about the appearance, but we all know how it is when you get a back ache on a long ride from a back pack!  She was a good sport about our teasing.

We rode across the Alligator River today, and I was hoping to see some alligators.  All I saw were some cute turtles on a log!

It really was a good ride today.  We started at 6:45 am and arrived in Marianna by 2:00.  Of course, before we got to the motel, we stopped at a McDonald's for a "reward" chocolate shake!

The first thing I did after arriving at the motel was to don my swimming suit and get into the pool!  It was not a heated pool, but after riding 94 miles in 85 degrees, it was wonderful!!  When Amy Dewinski arrived, she kicked off her shoes, socks and helmet and dove in head first!!

Even Mike put on her swimming suit and enjoyed the instant refreshment of the pool!  Of course, she had to put up with the hoots and hollers about her biker tan!!

Being a chef on a cross country ride, cooking for 25 people every day is quite a challenge.  Linda seems to be able to handle it very well.  Linda and Carol do not get any "days off" like we do!  There are times when a chef may need a substitute, usually in an emergency situation.  WomanTours sent Lynn to work with Linda so she can see the routine, shopping, and where everything goes.  Lynn will be with us for a few days to learn the ropes...kind of like a substitute teacher.  She has to be able to jump right in there and take over should the need arise.

So far we have ridden 2,860 miles with only 320 to go!  Tomorrow we have a short ride...only 54 miles!  A week from today, we will be riding into St. Augustine, and we will end our coast to coast ride.