Sunday, March 22, 2015

3-22-15 Kingston to Las Cruces, NM 88 miles

We left the Lodge at Kingston, NM with a continuation of the downhill of Emory Pass.  The temperature started out at 40 degrees, and with the speed of our first 9 miles, we all dressed for the windchill.  There were some long climbs for 5 miles, but the route gradually smoothed out.  The elevation from Kingston to Las Cruces changes from 6,200 to 3,800 ft and the temps elevated 50 degrees to a balmy 90 degrees!  After the first Sag stop at 26 miles, we filled "Bo Peep's" back seat with our cold weather clothes.

After that, the road had some climbs, but we had more downhill than up.  With the freedom from the winter clothes, Lea and I flew into Las Cruces 18-20 mph!

Tomorrow we will ride into El Paso, TX.  There will be city riding for the last 25 miles out of 60.  After today's 88 miles, 60 doesn't seem so bad!