Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011-06-15 Hamburg to Niagara Falls, NY (45 miles)

I was sag today, but the ride was only 45 miles.  There was no rush to get out this morning, so we got a chance to see Sara's NEW bike!  She shipped her old bike home, and I am sure she will enjoy riding this one.

The day went well at Sag stops where we had a chance to meet some of the locals.

 Then we arrived in Buffalo, NY.  There were detours, and lots of city traffic.  There was a fire drill at one of the high rise buildings, and they blocked my route with a ladder truck across the road.  With the one-ways, and name changes it took me a while to find the route again!  The entire group of riders were to meet at the "Peace Bridge" area.  Those who had passports with them could go across to Canada; five others took a route that kept them on the US side.

After waiting in line to be checked for passports, I drove the Sag wagon across.  There were two flags on the Peace Bridge, side by side, marking the border of the two countries.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and it gives us an opportunity to take our time to see the Falls, and take it least off our bikes for a day!