Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011-06-23 Middlebury, VT, Rest Day (0 miles)

The rest day started out as usual, doing laundry, cleaning my bike, scouting out places to have meals for the day.  We are on our own that day, and although the hotel had a restaurant, Kathie and I ended up having breakfast at the co-op next door.  It rained a lot in the morning, and early afternoon.

Later, Kathie, Kathryn and I walked in and out of the small shops in town.  We even went to the peuter factory, and an art gallery. 

That evening, a group of ten of us went to the "Fire and Ice" restaurant for dinner.  They had the most amazing salad buffet!  It was wonderful!

      We walked to the nearby Danforth Peuter factory, and looked at all their jewelry and wares.