Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apache Junction to Globe AZ - 56 miles 3/14/10

Each morning Linda puts out a Snack table, which also signals that we are free to take off.

Today was a challenging day!  The first 20 miles were good...sunny, not too cold, not too hilly.  But then it changed!  We are crossing the Southern Rocky Mtns today!  Although the scenery was spectacular, we had to be very cautious as we navigated the narrow and sometimes non-existent shoulders.  The Queen's Creek Bridge posed the most concern (see photo).  We finally reached the peak and headed down.  I clocked my highest speed of 38 mph!  The road was smooth, and the traffic was light so I did not brake too much.  Once we arrived at Globe, we had to go uphill again to the very end of town...about 8 miles.  Tomorrow we head out to Safford, AZ - 83 miles.

We pulled into a place where we saw the World's Smallest Museum.  There were some bikers who were amazed that we were riding to Florida on bicycles! Especially since most of us were older than they were!