Monday, April 6, 2015

4-06-15 Austin to Bastrop, TX 60 miles

Today started out just great!  We had Texas waffles with Peggy's REAL Maple Syrup, and we rode through downtown Austin, seeing all the tall buildings.  Just as we wound our way into the suburban edges, there was another accident with one of our bikers.  Peggy, with her beautiful wooden bike, going down a hill that was being re-chip sealed, was in the middle of changing gears from the up-hill climb, had to avoid a pot hole.  Down she went! By the time our group arrived there were all sorts of lights on emergency vehicles, and Peggy was lying in the street.  We all gathered in a small park next to her, not wanting to get in the way of the first responders.  As it turned out, Peggy broke her collar bone and her thumb.  She was sent to the same hospital as Laura.   

Shortly after this Peggy had her accident.  We could tell Peggy had not hit her head and would recover with time, but we were all quite shaken with yet another rider down.  There were 35 miles of riding after that, but I now realize I did not take any photos from that point on.  It was obvious we had lost Peggy for the rest of the ride, and Lea and I lost our daily biking buddy.