Saturday, April 18, 2015

4-18-15 Bogalusa, LA to Wiggins, MS 61 miles

We must be getting used to the daily rain.  Had to ask someone how far into the 61 miles we were riding in the rain ~ it was about 40 miles.  It was a soaker!  We did enter our next state, Mississippi.  The entire South has been getting a lot of rain, but at least we did not have any lightning to keep us off the road.  Mary carries Simon every day, and today he had a little rain coat to keep him dry.  She says he likes to see where she goes.  : )

Injuries are gradually improving, although my left shoulder is still sore and my right hand is somewhat swollen which makes riding tricky if I want to avoid jarring my shoulder.  I know it may be some time before it is back to normal but aside of the new bruises that are appearing, healing has begun.