Friday, April 16, 2010

Bogalusa, LA to Wiggins, MS (60 miles) Friday, April 16, 2010

We woke up this morning to bad news.  Patti Hall's mother had passed away in the night.  Arrangements were made for Patti to fly home to Wisconsin tonight from New Orleans.  Carol took her to the airport there.  When we are away from our lives for two months, we take the chance that things like that might happen.  We were all very saddened by the news, many of us having been through the experience of losing a parent.  Since I lost my dad only a few weeks before leaving for this bike trip, I can empathize with Patti.  Our thoughts are with her.

We started out our ride this morning in 55 degrees.   It wasn't long before we crossed the bridge for the Pearl River, which is the dividing line between Louisiana and Mississippi. (One more state line!)

The landscape in Mississippi was more hilly than Louisiana.  Some of the roads were back to the Texas-style Chip/Seal, too.  (Just when I was able to take off my toe band aids from healed blisters!)  Part were just great, however.  The fun part about riding on the country roads is the unusual sights.  Just when you least expect it, surprise!

Amy Derwinski (my roomie for tonight) was our Sag Captain for today, and we are always greeted with music, and today, bubbles!

Above are the members of our group today.  We all did well, in spite of the hills, head winds, and road challenges!  I guess by now, exercising 6 to 8 hours a day is making us up to it!

Tomorrow we travel from Wiggins to Pascagoula, Mississippi, 67 miles.