Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silsbee, TX to Lake Charles, LA (80 miles) April 10, 2010

This morning we said good-bye to our last stay in Texas.  Miss Kitty, who was managing the motel, came by the breakfast room where some were having some early coffee.

The directions on the cue sheet today covered two sides, and there were many turns today!  During our 80 miles, we rode on really flat roads, and most of them were smooth.
You would think after all the hills and mountains we have climbed, we would be happy to get on some flat roads.  The problem comes when we don't stand up enough, and get out of the saddle!  Well, you can imagine the problems there!  By using my aero bars a lot, however, I was able to relieve the pressure of the saddle, but there were many who had complaints in that area!

When we crossed over the state line, there were so many differences, you would think we had entered another country!  There were no more Baptist churches; just Catholic.  There were advertisements everywhere for crayfish, crawdads, etc.  The air is more humid, and the plant life is a heavy green.  And it seems that no one fences or ties up their dogs!  We must have had at least 8 incidences where dogs came out of their yards and ran after us on the road!  The roads are very flat, Azaleas are everywhere, and of course we got rid of the chip/seal!  Ya Hoo! 

We had our traditional Margaritas tonight before dinner, too.  We FINALLY crossed out of Texas!  It is not that Texas is so bad; it just took us 20 days to get across it!!

Tomorrow will be  83 miles to Lafayette, Louisana.