Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4-07-15 Bastrop to La Grange 41 miles

This was a relatively short day ~ which made us wonder if we were in for some hill work.  Bastrop State Park is not your typical flat land.  In fact we had some 14% grade climbs through out.  The sad part was seeing the destruction of the forest from a wild fire in 2011.  There are actually three parks, and the other two were relatively saved, but was a reminder of what was lost.  More explained below.

The roads are continuing to smooth out, and that helped with the winds.  The roads made many turns so we had a mix of side winds and head winds.  The winds helped anyway since we are now experiencing high humidity.  It still was not too bad since the chip seal has started to disappear.  We have traveled 1934 miles so far.  In three days we will cross the border into Louisiana.