Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blythe, CA to Salome, Az - 64 miles


 We crossed the Colorado River as we headed out from Blythe.  JoAnn Klassen, from West Linn, Oregon, rode with me this day, and she is looking through the fence at the river below.

It wasn't long before we arrived at the California-Arizona border.  One state down, six to go!

Our Sag driver has this on the side of her car.  When she drives by us, she honks a bulb horn (sounds like a squeeky toy) We signal to her if we need her to stop, or a thumbs up if we are ok.


On the road to Salome it was a gradual uphill.  Temps were in the mid 60's, up from 47 that morning.  We had a wonderful tail wind that made us all feel like we were the best riders!

 Along the way, we spotted this old car not far from the road. 
I would love to know the story behind it.



We rolled into Hope, AZ and stopped for lunch.


We don't always stop, but there was a group of us and we had plenty of time to get into Salome.  
Mary Drenner, Shelley Hatcher, Pam Harrison, me, Sue Hersman, Alayne Evans, Jo Ann Klassen, and Mike Sandifer.


Lynn Kalifeiz found some flowers to decorate her shirt!

The sign on our way out of town was just too much!!  :-)  

We had a good tail wind to help us into Salome.  I think if you click on the Salome plaque you might be able to read the history of the name of the town.

When we cross a state line, we celebrate with a round (or two) of margaritas before dinner!  Carol Wilder was bar tender and we all lined up.  It was getting really cold (down to 47 that night) but we didn't really care.  Above is Mike, Alayna and Mary getting their celebratory drinks! 


Shelley Hatcher, Pam Harrison, 
Barbara McNary, Frankie Allen, and Jo Ann Klassen. 

 This is Nancy who ran the Sheffler's Motel where we stayed.  Her dog was Ozzie.


We just loved the pink neon lights on our motel rooms!