Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/11/15 Blythe, CA to Salome, AZ 64 miles

We had 2,000 feet of climb today with some head winds and a lot of long uphill grades.  We went on 30 miles of I-10 (it was the only way) but the shoulders were wide and smooth.  We did have to avoid many pieces of 18-wheeler tire shreds, but the rigs themselves often moved over whenever they could.  The big pieces of tire are easy to avoid, but those small pieces with the tiny wires are the ones that will blow bike tires!

Carol Wilder's Good Bye Song

Carol Wilder, long time ride leader with WomanTours, came on our Southern Tier 2015 tour along with Patty Jackson to transition two new ride leaders.  In Salome after dinner Carol sang a song written by her friend, Romaine Randal. 

Below is a link to the YouTube video of it.  It is "private" which means that unless you are on the list you will not be able to see it.  I can add you to the list if you send me your email address in the comment section below.