Saturday, March 6, 2010

San Diego to Alpine, CA 3/5/10 (34 miles)

(Click on photos for a complete view - I am 8th from the right.)

The Dog Beach tire dipping ceremony was fun.  Dave was so helpful in packing and getting me and all the gear to the start.  There were lots of photos, and we all said good bye to our families for 2 months.  (I am 8th from the right)

Here we go!!

Getting out of the city of San Diego was enjoyable.  As we rode next to the dedicated bike path next to the San Diego River, we saw where they were filming a movie. We only went 34 miles on our first day (a warm up!), but the last 20 miles were fills with long steep hills!

We arrived in Alpine around 2:30 pm.  Ann's daughter, Kathi came to visit with her two children Krista and Kevin.  Jim Dragoo also came up since Dave and I missed seeing him in San Diego. But it was a short visit, because it

getting to be dinner time. After dinner, it was going to be early to bed.

We had dinner outside, sitting on white lawn chairs.  The cook, Linda, cooked amazing dishes, accommodating all the different dietary needs.  It would have been wonderful, even if our appetites weren't huge after the ride!

Linda uses hot charcoal, pans and aluminum foil to cook.  Tonight she cooked Talapia!

Weather looks like it will be good during the day Saturday, but the prediction is for rain tonight and tomorrow.  The ride from Alpine to Jacumba will be 45 miles.