Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perry to High Springs, Florida (76 miles) Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This morning we set out for High Springs, Florida, 76 miles.  After breakfast in the hotel, we loaded our packs up with snacks that we will eat throughout the day.

We had another easy day as we rode out.  We crossed the Suwannee River of the "Old Folks at Home" fame, which is the Florida state song.

Today when we stopped for our Sag stop, we talked to a man who lived near our stop.  He was surprised and amazed at our ride!  There were three groups that met at that sag stop, and when we left there were nine of us!  Perhaps we are feeling the loss of our friends already as our ride comes to an end on Thursday.

On our route today was a bike path.  It was shady and we enjoyed being able to ride side by side.

Another point of interest was the Ichetucknee Springs State Park.  We took the opportunity to go in and explore.  We were amazed at the turquoise color of the water at the head waters of the Ichetucknee Spring.