Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012 80 miles - 3,333 ft of climb

Today felt like a much easier day, primarily because the hills were more gradual.  In fact, we were very surprised at the 3,333 feet of climb!  It certainly didn't feel like it!

We started out at 47 degrees, with wet roads from the fog and a light mist.  We got off Hwy 101 early, and took roads that were quiet. There were areas of fields where we saw many herds of dairy cattle, and flat terrain.

  We then entered The Avenue of the Giants, a 31-mile ride through the Redwood State Park which was filled with 100 - 150 ft tall Redwoods, birds, little wind and few vehicles.  Looking around I could see many forest floors covered with a carpet of green as well as ferns.  It looked prehistoric!  The old Redwoods were covered with moss, making them seem like they had a coat of light green.

Sometimes Hwy 101 becomes a four-lane freeway, with bicycles allowed.  At one point we were riding downhill on it (only for a mile or so,) and Mike had a flat!  She found a finishing nail in her tire, and it had to be changed.  At the next sag stop, just as we were ready to leave, Mike realized that she had another flat on the same tire!  She had checked her tire so carefully, too.  Bummer! 

Michelle made a wonderful dinner for us, and Cy had her first map meeting.  She was very enthusiastic about the coming ride tomorrow, pointing out that we may have a 5-mile ride uphill tomorrow, there is also a 12-mile downhill after that!  That's what I call enthusiasm!