Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ft. Davis, TX 0 miles Our day off

Today 12 of us went to "town," but I stayed at our beautiful motel in the State Park of Fort Davis.  Four were shuttled up to the McDonald Observatory for a tour.

I, however, spent the morning reading in bed, cleaning my bike chain and gears, taking photos of the place and just hanging out, mostly with an ice bag on my knee.  Carol and Linda checked my bike out, and after measuring me on it, moved my seat up and back.  Hopefully that will help keep my knee in the right position from now on.

There is a "Flat Derby" list on the trailer door.  We will see who "wins" at the end of the ride!

We all ate dinner at the Black Bear Restaurant tonight.  As a group of 24, we kind of take over places when we arrive, although there were others there, too.  They were very tolerant of all our laughing and merry making!

By tomorrow morning I think my knee and I will be ready for our 60 mile ride to Marathon, TX.

(BTW, if you want to see a larger view of any photo, just click on it to enlarge.)