Sunday, April 5, 2015

4-05-15 Fredericksburg to Austin, TX 80 miles

After breakfast we all said our good-byes to our family and friends that came to see us at the half-way point.  We left Fredericksburg in a foggy drizzle/mist all morning that left us soaked! Well, it was good for all the flowers along the roadsides.

Unfortunately all that wetness caused an accident for one of our riders.  Laura P., Wendy and I were riding together when we came over a short but steep hill.  At the bottom of the hill a river was covering the road - about 6 inches deep.  The three of us tried to stop, but the road surface was gooey slippery.  Wendy and I were able to stop, but Laura went down before the water, but ended up with a cracked collar bone and a concussion. She was taken to an Austin hospital.

Riding a bicycle across country involves a calculated risk, and even being careful, accidents can happen.  This one had nothing to do with "operator error," just the conditions of the moment.  We have ridden through many of these "water may gather at the bottom" signs with two short steep hills, and this was the first time there actually was water. The cars that were driving through dropped water on each of the hills. Fortunately Laura's injuries were not life-threatening, just ride-ending.  This could have happened a block from home or on a cross-country ride she loves.