Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011-06-25 White River Jct, VT to Lincoln, NH (62 miles)

Although I drove the Sag vehicle today, the scenery in Vermont and New Hampshire was no less beautiful.  The route was hilly, less in the first half, more in the second half.  The day before we had much steeper hills, and rain as well, and the weather was predicted to be much the same for today.  There were only ten out of twenty-one riders opted to ride today.  Of course, there was no rain, and the hills were not as challenging as yesterday.  Go figure.

It did make for a quiet day on the road for me, which was nice.  I took some photos of what the ride looked like, although it definitely loses something without the dimensions of being there.

We crossed another state line today, so it was Margaritas before dinner!  Sue Lincoln had some family members visit this afternoon, and her mother-in-law even stayed for dinner. 

Tomorrow we ride from Lincoln, NH to Bridgton, Maine, 69 miles.  In the first part of our ride we will climb for twelve miles up the White Mountain Range to the Kancamagus Pass Summit.