Monday, March 9, 2015

3/09/15 Blythe to Brawley, CA 88 miles

     I am in the lead in the "Flat Tire Race" now that I woke up to another flat tire.  The rear tire patch from the day before did not hold, and had to change it before heading out. Lea helped me and between us we managed to leave in a reasonable time.  Therese, our Sag of the day told me I was not allowed to have any more!
     On this fourth day on the road our route took us 88 miles through the Imperial Sand Dunes, climbing big rollers, most of which was on a modified chip seal road surface.  We saw some spectacular scenery and had many examples of 18-wheelers who were very courteous to us!
     The day ended with a sweet 20-mile finish to our day!