Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011-06-11 Cleveland Rest Day (0 miles)

We had a morning meeting of the four Sag drivers to fine tune our organization.  At noon we left for the Rock and Roll Museum.  It was very impressive!

        Those that went to the museum were Donna, Bev J, Lea, Mary, Cathy, Jeanette and myself.

After the museum, we walked through downtown Cleveland.  There are many white buildings, and others that seem just glass!  There were a number of statues and works of art in front of them, too.  We decided to go to the "Dirty Mermaid" for dinner, a small diner with a catchy name.  The owner very enthusiastically gave us recommendations from the menu, and we all had a good time!

2011-06-10 Huron to Cleveland, OH (55 miles)

Today was the last day for three of our riders: Ramsey, Carol and Lea.  We all gathered for breakfast outside, and although there was some of the usual joking, it was a bitter sweet morning.  We have all gotten so close in just three weeks, but those 1,300 miles have already bonded all of us.

The day started out overcast, with little wind, but the temp never got above 63.  I know this because was my day to be the Sag driver, and I could keep track of the temperature reading in the car. Cool weather is perfect for riding and with only 55 miles, I expected it to be an easy day for me.

It started out that way, anyway.  The first sag stop was in Vermillion, a beautiful town that is right on Lake Erie.  We could tell the town's people had a lot of civic pride.  Even the restroom in the park in the middle of town was part of the landscaping.


From this point on, the sky started getting darker, and it started to rain.  The riders went through town after town, hoping that the rain would let up.  Rhonda, Lin and Jan stopped at a little restaurant, ordered some pie and ice cream, and decided to wait and see if the rain would stop.  Instead it came down harder!

As the riders came into the Cleveland area, they took a bike trail into the city, around the Cleveland Brown Stadium and into downtown.  Karen Cooper's tire came untrue, so I loaded up her bike on top of the Subaru, and took her into the hotel.  I then returned by freeway to get the three at the restaurant, 22 miles away.  Just as I got there, they called to tell me they had left, (they left a voice mail previously that I did not get on the Sag phone), and were going to be able to make it in on their own.  It had stopped raining, so they were fine.  They were OK, and that is all that is important to me!

The Wow team decided earlier they were going to host a gin and tonic party as a going away party/welcome to the ride party in their room.  It was a lot of fun for everyone!

We walked a few blocks to dinner at a nice restaurant.  It was a time for speeches, saying good-bye and welcoming our new riders.

We were in no hurry to end the evening since we did not have to get up early on a rest day.  I think our "newbies" felt welcome.

We were staying at the Double Tree Hotel, right across from Lake Erie.  I was on the 12th floor with Sue Hersman, and we had quite a view!