Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 65 miles

Nancy, Ann and I took off at 7:15 am from Rodondo Beach, headed for San Clemente.  This was where we would get around Los Angeles.  We spent about 40 miles on bike paths, riding around the boat slips and the beaches.  It was an easy and flat ride, and the bike paths are well maintained.  Sometimes the bike path was above the houses and waterways, and others were right in the middle of the beach! 

In between bike paths, we had no problem riding the roads in a separate bike lane.  The only challenge was in Laguna Beach, where we had a lot of traffic and no bike lane.  I think there may have been a bike path on the beach, but we did not think it was worth the detour at the time.  Maybe next time.

There were three hills before getting to Dana Point, but the ten miles between there and the south side of San Clemente to our hotel were quite hilly.

Because of all the bike paths we took, Dave had a hard time connecting with us.  (He has a new appreciation of our WT sags!)

Tomorrow we head for the Mexican border!