Monday, June 27, 2011

2011-06-27 Bridgton to Bath, Maine (67 miles)

We left Bridgton, Maine, the same way we came in for four miles, which was up hill.  Good way to wake up for sure!

There were many hills, some of which were quite challenging, but others that were preceded by a downhill where I was able to use momentum to get up to the top.  We rode into Brunswick, which is a large city, but we were able to ride on a bike path for 2.5 miles.  It cut through the city, and we had little left to navigate to get out of Brunswick.  It was a beautiful path, right next to a river, and a short respite from the hills.

There were many down hill runs, too, which were fun.  The roads took us through forests and some farmlands, too.  The weather

Tomorrow we head for Bucksport, Maine.  The weather is expected to be mostly sunny, highs around 80, south winds 5 to 10 mph.  The roads will be hilly, some definitely "terrain features," as our guide, Carol Wilder, used to say on Southern Tier last year.

Tomorrow will be my last day riding, since on the last day I am the Sag driver.