Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011-06-07 Huntington, IN to Defiance, OH (84 miles)

Today was expected to be a very hot day - record-breaking in fact.  So we started out at 7:00 am, half an hour early.  It wasn't long before we were out of Huntington town proper and into the country.  It was fun to ride in a big group for a while.  As we turned a corner, we were greeted by a heard of buffalo with calves, in a pen right next to the road!  Of course we all had to stop to take photos!

The wind was from the WSW today, and since we were headed east most of the time, we had enough tail winds to keep us between 18 and 21 mph, and enough side wind to keep us (relatively) cool.  It was tolerable until around noon.   Since we were making such good time, many stopped for lunch in the town of Paine.  I have been thinking about having a Subway sandwich for a week now, when I went through the next town of Paulding, I asked around.  Sure enough.  There was a Subway about 6 blocks off the route, and since I was alone at the time, I made a run for it!  By the time I got back on the route, I was rejoined by the group I was riding with before! 

 It was a hot 30 miles from that point on, but I made it.  Had a chance to ride with Aussie Lea, too!

Tomorrow we ride from Defiance to Bowling Green, OH.  It is only 49 miles.  Of course, that could mean one of two things: there are hills to climb or they could not get a hotel to accomodate all of us further away.  We will find out at the map meeting after dinner tonight.