Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4-1-15 Brackettville (Fort Clark Springs) to Camp Wood, TX 49 miles

The day was generally overcast, including a brief (and cooling) shower.  The chip seal was especially rough, which is what we can expect for a while.  My bike computer was not talking to my sensor, which means I won't have mph or odometer for the next two days of riding.  In spite of Katie putting in two new batteries, that does not seem to be the problem.  Looks like a trip to the bike shop in Fredericksburg is in order!

Aside of that, we enjoyed seeing the animals as we rode.  Some even saw some Alpaca!  Of course, deer, armadillo and other small animals were "sleeping" on the road ~ no doubt dinner for the turkey buzzards.

Tomorrow we ride up into Vanderpool, TX where we will be staying in cabins.  Before arriving we will be riding some steep grades ~ 9-12%.  Should be interesting...