Thursday, April 23, 2015

4-23-15 Pensacola to Crestview, FL 70 miles

The ride today was sunny and quiet!  We enjoyed a nice bike path and riding in a wooded area.  As we were riding along suddenly it sounded like a shot rang out!  It was Therese's tire!  She had a pinch flat (not her fault!).

After getting in, I called a bike shop to see if they had a bottom bracket bearing for my bike.  It was "creaking" and of course, difficult to locate the part I needed.  Jude and Therese took me to the bike shop that was supposed to have it.  However, it wasn't the correct size, but they did the best they could to give me a temporary fix.  It may still creak, but assured me I will make it to St. Augustine.

Gary who thought he had the berring part and spent 30 min. trying to do a temporary fix on my bike!