Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011-06-08 Defiance to Bowling Green, OH (49 miles)

Only 49 miles today, and no hills!  

 We had breakfast in the parking lot.  Sometimes the hotels have good breakfast for riders, but this time not so much.  Then Patty makes oatmeal and eggs, along with lots of other things to help us get the right fuel for our rides.

Five miles into the ride we entered the Independence Dam State Park for 2.5 miles of paved road, and 2.5 miles of unimproved tow path.  We had the park to ourselves, which was a nice treat.  It was a great ride, and we made our way over the tow path slowly, enjoying the birds and softness of the moment.  We had lots of trees on each side of us, and back when they were using the tow path, those trees were probably not there.  It made for nice "tree tunnel" riding, my favorite!

 After we left Independence Park, we were back on the road again.  We were still beating the heat since it was before 9 am. 

We rode through several small towns like Napoleon, where we came across the Campbell's Corporation factory.  The company has a huge plant, and from the wonderful smells that were coming out from it, they were making soups!  Since many of us drink the V8 juice from the Sag, we were wondering if they would provide any samples!

I thought the Town Hall of Grand Rapids, OH was really amazing!


Tomorrow we will be riding to Huron, OH, 68 miles.  Winds will be SW at 10 mph as we head east, the high predicted to be 88 degrees.