Thursday, March 4, 2010

Test Ride in San Diego - 3/3/10; WT meeting 3/4/10

Dave and I loaded up my bike and drove over to Fiesta Island.  I wanted to test out all the changes I had done, and to see if I could deal with a Camel Back as my water supply.  It looks like it won't take much to get used to it, although the road was dead flat!  Dave waited patiently in the Tahoe, (reading a book) while I took 90 minutes to go through my paces.

Today we also went through my luggage to make sure I was under the limit for weight.  Not easy!  Dave worked his magic and I am just under. 

We went out to dinner and a movie with Shelley tonight.  After reading "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" Dave and I wanted to see how the movie version turned out.  Special effects were good, and we were glad we had read the book to fill in the missing scenes.

This will be our last night at this hotel.  Tomorrow we transfer over for one night to the hotel where Woman Tours is gathering.


Today we moved over to the Holiday Inn Bayside, not far from Ocean Beach.  We had our first meeting with the group.  Introductions were made, and we were told the procedures that would be coming on the trip.

 We continued the meeting outside in the parking lot, where our ride leader, Carol, gave us a review of tire changing.  She had some good tips, and after being in the military for 25 years, is very good at giving instructions - and with a lot of humor, too!   We were all as nervous as cats about the impending ride, to say the least!  Getting out of San Diego for the next two days is all uphill!

Shelley and Shaun joined Dave and me for our "Last Supper."

It will be an early morning for take-off!

Exploring Mission Beach Area

Dave and I went to Mission Beach.  We walked down by the ocean, and ate at "Roberto's Taco Shop," a local favorite.

Then we went over to Dog Beach to see where we will be dipping our back tires in the ocean to begin our ride.  When we arrive in St. Augustine, we will be dipping our front tires!