Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011-06-18 Brockport to Sodus Point, NY via WomanTours Office (78 miles)

We were all anticipating going to the WomanTours' office today.  They were providing brunch for us, and I was especially looking forward to seeing Jackie Marchand and Jennifer Thompson, as well as meeting Michelle.  These are three sisters who run our WomanTours rides,

Before we arrived in Rochester, we needed to ride the 26 miles to get there.  To avoid some construction, we rode through Brockport College, which was a special treat for Donna, who went to college there. 

Much of our route today took us along the Canal Trail, which is a beautiful bike trail right next to the Erie Canal.

Along this 26 miles, Sara Hopper had a flat time.  Many stopped to help, not that she needed the help, but more for mmral support.  The a few miles later, she had another flat!  We could not figure out what was causing it.  We had checked the iuside of the tire, checked the tube, nothing seemed to be there! After fixing the flat, we headed out.  Down the road came Karen, today's Sag driver, saying she had a call from Sara...a third flat!  At this poing, Sara had had it!  She decided to ride with Karen the rest of the way.  Can't blame her.

The brunch with the WomanTours' staff was delicious!  They must have spent days preparing a feast for us, not to mention the obvious planning!  Balloons, home made cookies, banana bread, bagels with many toppings, juice, strawberries, yogurt, and coffee.  What a feast!  My only regret was that we could not stay the rest of the day!  However, there were 50 miles left on the day's route, and we regretfully had to say our good byes.  Thank you WomanTours' staff for a wonderful receptiobn!

The rest of the ride took us to Lake Ontario.  The first time we saw it, we had to stop!  It was a great place to pull out our peanut butter sandwiches and admire the view.

Our group was split up for lodging tonight.  There were 4 of us who went to the "Sodus Shores."  We each had our own room, which was the first time for me.  The rooms were just beautiful, and we were across the street from Lake Ontario.  What a treat!

                                                            Mary Drennen

                                                                 Bev, Cathy and me

                                               Mary, Bev, Jeanette, Cathy and Hille

 The lodging for the night felt like my own private little cabin!

Tomorrow we are headed to Pulaski, NY, 61 miles with rolling hills.  Weather: sunny, low wind, temps between 60-70 degrees.  There will be a cool breeze off Lake Ontario.