Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011-05-26 Stillwater to Wabasha 85 miles

After a great day with Dave, seeing downtown Stillwater and running errands in the Tahoe, today is the ride to Wabasha, MN.  We went through Afton, near Dave's cousin's Afton Apple Farm, through Sunrise and past the Sunrise Pub and Grill where we have biked on our way to Jason and Phyllis Bennett's.  It has been fun to ride so close to home these past few days!

I was able to download some photos from Lea, so these are a combination of hers and mine: (If you want to enlarge any if the photos, just click on it.)

2011-05-24 Milaca to Stillwater, MN 110 miles

Today was the big day!  We were scheduled to ride 106 miles today.  At some point, Jeanette and I misread the cue sheet, and ended up adding 4 more miles.  The good news is that we ended up joining the route at a different point anyway, so we did not have to back track on such a long day.

The route was very beautiful, and the unforeseen hills the last 20 miles added a little extra spice to our ride that day.  Stillwater, although very picturesque, is VERY hilly as we found!