Monday, April 5, 2010

Vanderpool to Kerrville, TX (51 mi) Thurs. 4/1/10

We reluctantly left the Fox Fire cabins in Vanderpool and headed out toward Kerrville, and to a day off the next day.  I was especially looking forward to Kerrville because Dave was driving down from Minnesota to spend my day off with me!

Meanwhile, we were working on tackling those Hill Country roads.  Those "short-steeps" were a challenge!

They were very beautiful, however, with the side of the roads scattered with wild flowers.  Spring has definitely sprung around here!  Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, had a ranch in Hill Country.  Lady Bird spend much time promoting the planting of wildflowers along the nation's highways, and Texas certainly has carried the ball on that one!

The Hill Country's rocky thin soil seems an unlikely place to find an apple orchard, but they grow a dwarf apple tree here.  The Love Creek Orchard in Medina has a cider mill, cafe and country store with many apple-themed gifts for sale.  I loved the building itself.  It was like a quaint little house and I liked the statement over the door.

We almost witnessed an accident on this trip.  Nine motorcyclists were riding the opposite direction.  They were in the middle of passing three men on bicycles, also riding opposite of our direction.  Suddenly, a deer jumped the fence and ran in front of the first motorcyclist!  The deer was only abut 6-8 feet from the motorcycle as he ran in front of us!  Mike Sandifur was in the lead, and she stopped to "try to get her heart started again!"  We were all lucky, especially the deer!  Mike said she wished she could get that guy to buy a lottery ticket if he was that lucky!

The last 20 miles finally flattened out as we near Kerrville.  I wanted to stop at the bicycle shop in Kerrville to replace my broken mirror.  As it happened, I became separated from Mike and Alayne, and the address of the bike shop was incorrect on our map.  I spent an hour trying to find it!  I called the number for the shop, but that was wrong, too!  I went into a gas station to ask for directions.  As I rolled in, I could not get unclipped from my pedals, and I fell over!  (I still have big bruises from that one!)
After asking several people, I finally located it.  Amy Derwinski, who was Sag Captain that day, drove up as I went in.  I was sure glad to see her!  Amy could tell I was frustrated and tired, and gave me a choice of going to a bar for a drink or to the deli for a sandwich.  It was tempting to go to the bar, but I opted for the food. After we ate, she gave me a lift the last three miles to the hotel. 

Dave got there right before dinner, and I have to say, I was VERY happy to see him!