Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lordsburg to Silver City, NM 47 miles 3-17-10 St. Patrick's Day

 Today is St. Patrick's Day, and we were greeted this morning by Carol and Linda who were in the spirit of the day!  It was a fun breakfast!

We left Lordsburg, NM, and there was a clear sky - which meant 34 degrees!  I bundled up with layers, including shirts, jackets, long pants and gloves.  (Thanks, Shaun, for the use of your blue jacket!  It has been a life saver!) As the day went on, we started our climb from 4,250 feet to Silver City at 5,895 feet.  I think it would have been easier if it were steeper but not as long, because the hills were miles long!  They were not as steep as we have done, but it seemed that it went up for miles and, at best, only leveled out.  As I rode into the first Sag stop, Karen took my photo from her I-phone.

As we rode on, we reached the Continental Divide. 

 I expected that it would be downhill from there, but no-o-o! It still kept going up!
In contrast to the barren Arizona dessert, the high desert countryside was full of bushes, trees and beautiful rock formations.  It warmed up to 65 degrees, which felt really hot since we were exercising so hard.  Of course, then the wind started, although not as strong as yesterday.  It is always blowing this time of year, the locals say.

We came upon one of the locals on his bike, and struck up a conversation.  His name is William, and he rides often.  He looks like an aging hippie. He used to live in Boulder 6 years ago; I am sure he fit right in!

Mike, Alayne and I are often one of the first ones in to the motel each day.  (There is also Mary, Pam and the powerful Shelley, aka "Canada," who I swear has some hidden motor in her bike!)  This gives all of us extra time to shower and do laundry.  As the rest of the group rolls in, the plastic chairs come out, and we break out the Guiness, wine and chips.  It is St. Patrick's Day after all!  Kathy brought out her Ipod and speakers and we danced in the parking lot to the Beatles and Van Morrison.

Dinner was again a big hit.  Linda cooked up corned beef, cabbage, a potato and bean stew, carrot salad, and bread pudding.  She adds so many spices, nuts and special things that really make everything just awesome!  She should write a book about the experiences of cross country riding - and include those great recipes she uses!!

Tomorrow is our rest day.  Some are going to the bike shops, others to massage appointments or to just take some R and R.  :-)

We are all headed to bed early, and hope we can sleep in!!