Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4-15-15 St. Francisville, LA Rest Day 8 miles

We spent the rest day today touring the Butler Greenwood Plantation where we were staying.  We had lovely rooms in cabins on the property.  There was a beautiful pond and even a peacock roaming around.  Anne Butler has written quite a few books, autobiographical as well as Southern cookbooks.  

Not far down the road is the Rosewood Plantation and Gardens.  This one has been given to the state and they have guided tours.  Very interesting, but of course there was no mention of the hundreds of slaves that kept the place going over the years.

We stopped at the Magnolia Restaurant for lunch.

A FEW people decided to be dropped off at the 20-mile mark from yesterday so they could ride the entire 97 miles into St. Francisville.

We toured Rosedown Plantation and Gardens nearby the Butler Greenwood Plantation.

 These are at the Rosewood Plantation

This tapestry above was created by Martha Washington.