Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3-31-15 Del Rio to Brackettville, TX (Fort Clark Springs) 43 miles

It seems the chip seal is hard on tires.  Waking up to a flat has not been uncommon! Suzy was the one, and thankful it was not on the road.

 Today was a sort of recovery day for our century-plus ride yesterday.  The forty-three miles does not seem much in comparison, but we still had chip seal, and our legs were still recovering.  We headed out with some cool temps and some north east winds.  In spite of the challenge of yesterday, spirits were high, and we bunched up a little more than usual, taking it easy at slower speeds.

Monday, March 30, 2015

3-30-15 Sanderson to Del Rio, TX 111 miles - 2

Some of the riders wondered if (surely!) the 111 miles from Sanderson to Del Rio, TX were flat.  Nope.  Not flat and full of chip seal!  We are beginning to pick up on a nick name for CHIP seal...something that rhymes with CHIP.  Anyway, we left as early as possible.  Below is a tour of some of the things we saw.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

3-29-15 Marathon to Sanderson, TX 54 miles

We had only 54 miles from Marathon to Sanderson, with a tail wind and more downhill than up!  I think we are still recovering from last Thursday's 90 mile challenge ride, and once we got going the first 15 miles, we finally got going.  Aside of the heat, which hit at the very end of the ride (104 degrees), it was a nice ride.

 Tomorrow we head out to Del Rio, TX ~ 111 miles!!