Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arriving in Fargo, MN

This morning Dave, Coop and I left at 7:00 am for Fargo, MN.  We met Amy Derwinski and Mary Drennen in Rogers, and after our good byes, Mary joined us for the 3 hour ride to Fargo.

After arriving, we checked in, and went out for a quick lunch.

We then went over to the Northern Pacific Bicycle Shop to pick up Coop and Mary's bikes.

At the 1:00 meeting, we met the other riders, and were given instructions and information about what to expect on the ride.  Unfortunately, one of the things we are to expect for the next two or three days is rain!

A short Sag meeting for the sag drivers was held.  I am one of the Sag drivers, which means every 4th day I will be driving the Sag wagon.  The other three days I will be biking.

Dinner at the Radisson where we are staying was amazing.

We are headed for a 5:30 am wake up call, so we are off the get our rain gear set out, and get to bed early!  Dave will be leaving for home tomorrow morning after our send off.