Thursday, April 16, 2015

4-16-15 St. Francisville to Hammond, LA 90 miles

This proved to be an interesting day.  It started out normally, but 30 miles into it I had a crash.  We were in a town, riding next to a four-lane road.  I was trying to keep an eye on the road, the trash on the shoulder, and the riders who were over a block ahead of me.  Suddenly my front wheel went into a deep pothole.  The bike stopped and I didn't.  I landed partly in the street, and the pickup truck behind me stopped.  He held up traffic while I composed myself, gathering my helmet mirror and checking for major bodily damage.

The good news is that the result was a series of road rashes (arms and legs), bruises (particularly on my hip where I bounced) and a jammed thumb, as well as a shoulder jam that I think is not serious at this time.  

The funny part (if there is a funny part) is that I fell in front of the local hospital.  The pharmacist (who had seen it happen) came out and had me come into the pharmacy for first aid.  Therese, T., and even our Sag driver of the day, Susie, came back as soon as they were told, and helped me with the process. 

I refused to be taken off route (stubborn Minnesotan) and finished the last 60 miles.  Isn't it amazing what adrenaline can do?  With help from my friends I spent the evening icing everything that was damaged.

I will survive!

No photos taken after the crash today/

This was taken right before we entered the town where I crashed.