Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012 (56 miles)

After yesterday's 78 miles, it seems we were all expecting an 'easy' day.  I started out strong, riding with Patty Jackson, until she had to stop at the van.  (Michelle and Patty take turns driving the van, and Patty goes first half.)  Anyway, it seemed after I left Patty, I had lost all my energy!  It was cold (40 - 57) all day today, and very foggy.  We rode the route next to the ocean, but we rarely were low enough to see it through the fog.  The hills didn't help matters.  We have ridden more challenging hills, but I am sure yesterday's miles and conditions wore us out!  It was just one of those days!

Evidently there was a car show in the town behind us, and there was a constant stream of old time cars.  I think the Corvette club organized a convoy, and I counted 22 corvettes of various years and colors, all in a row!