Monday, May 30, 2011

2011-05-30 Memorial Day Dyersville to Muscatine, Iowa 98 miles

This day we were to be riding between Dyersville and Muscatine.  We had some very challenging weather conditions, however.  You might say it was the perfect storm...head winds between 30 and 40 mph, temps at 95, hill after hill, and 98 miles of all that!

As we struggled to even ride downhill, it became apparent that we were getting exhausted trying to maintain 10 mph on the flats, and doing 5 mph on the hills.  At that rate, we would be lucky to get in before dark!  Physically there was no way that would happen, either.  Some riders took a bump up the first 20 or 40 miles, anticipating the 98 mile day, but I rode with Bev, Patty and Mary from the start.  By the time we had done 42 miles, we were done!!

As it turned out, we joined everyone else to ride in the van into Muscatine.  It took over an hour to drive there.  As we were driving we came upon a bridge that was closed.  That meant we had an additional 20 mile detour!  Everyone was so glad we did not have to add those extra 20 miles to the 98!

This has been an amazing Memorial Day!  Tomorrow is a rest day, although the weather report is predicting thunderstorms for this area.  That's OK.  After today's ride, I won't mind taking it easy. 

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