Friday, June 24, 2011

2011-06-24 Middlebury to White River Junction (68 hilly miles)

They say Vermont is called the "Green Mountain" state.  We were riding up and down the mountains, either up or down, rarely flat...and there is a reason it is green.  It rained all day today, and there was a headwind most of the time as we headed south.  It is a good thing this type of riding is during our last week.  We would not have been prepared for it!  The route was just beautiful.  We rode next to the White River the entire day.  The river became wider as we went, and there were rapids and thick wooded areas on both sides.  I wish it hadn't been raining, and/or so hilly so I could have taken more photos of it. 

Bev and I ended up riding the route together, and rolled into White River Junction by 3:30 pm.  The temps were in the low 50's, and when the wind blew, I am sure there was quite a wind chill factor, especially since we were all wet!

It was difficult to take photos today, mostly because we were either riding up or down long hills, or it was just pouring. 

Everyone is especially tired tonight.  There were quite a few who opted for the van today, some right away, and others along the way.  Jeanette had a flat tire, and by the time she fixed it, (twice), she was so chilled and wet, she had to give up.  I can't blame her!

Tomorrow I will be driving the Sag car, and I will get more opportunities to take photos of the riders.  We are riding to Lincoln, NH, another state line, and Margaritas before dinner.  Only one more state line before Maine!