Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, Sept 27, 2012 Port Townsend to Bremerton, WA 57 miles

After a hearty breakfast, we left Port Townsend in the mid-50's for Bremerton.  The route was 20 miles shorter than yesterday, but still filled with many long hills.  Of course the reward for those hills is the beautiful vistas (which we could see today with less fog), and the fun downhills!  Well, most of them were fun.

Our route took us along tree-lined areas and towns such as Port Hadlock, Port Ludlow, Silverdale and Chico, WA.  It was a second challenging day, and we were all tired by the time we arrived.  Because of the parking situation at the Hampton Inn, the guides were unable to cook as usual out of the trailer, so pizza was ordered and big salads were made.  They even ordered a pizza with no cheese for the vegans!

Before the ride began, we were wondering why we had a 'rest day' after only two days of riding.  Obviously they knew we were all going to need it!

If you want to see photos of any of your family/friends in particular, write a comment at the bottom and I will try to do that.  Also, if you click on any of the photos, it will enlarge.