Friday, March 12, 2010

Wickenburg to Phoenix, AZ 3/12/10 - 67 miles


I have been riding with Mike these past two days.  We are finding we ride at the same pace, and like to get out right away in the moring.  Alayna rode with us today, and we all feel we are getting stronger each day.  Today Mike had her first flat tire.  There is a running list of those who get flats and we will see who has the most by the end of the ride...a dubious distinction!

We stopped at a Subway for a quick lunch, and we were on our way.  Shelley Hatcher, who was our Sag driver today, reported that first to last, we were all two and a half hours apart.

My bike was making strange noises all day.  I stopped at a bike shop near our hotel, and the shop owner tightened everything on my frame.  That ended that!

After dinner, we decided to take a group photo.  (You can click on the photo to enlarge.)

Tomorrow we ride to Apache Junction, AZ, only 57 miles.

Salome to Wickenburg 3/11/10 - 57 miles

The ride for the day started cool again, but soon we all started taking off layers as the day warmed up and we warmed up from riding.  The road was often straight.  Mike (short for Michele) and I have started riding together.  We are compatible with speed, and drafting kept our speed up.  Mike prefers to be the engine, and I enjoy being pulled, so it is working out well.

The run into Wickenburg was a long downhill, and the temp never rose above 70, so our day was enjoyable, and not too long.  We arrived around 2:30.

Katie Lemley's daughter came to visit, and plans to ride with Katie tomorrow.


Mike and Alayna took advantage of the 2 hour horsebackriding available to us.  I decided I didn't need more bouncing around on any seat!  Instead, a group of us headed for the hot tub.   Tomorrow we have a 67 mile ride to Phoenix.