Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 12, 2012 60 miles 4320 ft of climb Fort Bragg to Gualala, CA 60 miles

After yesterday's climb (5,200 ft), today's climb was only 4320 ft, and it was not as constant as yesterday.  At least we could usually see the top of the hills today!  There were some fun rollers at the end, too.  (Rollers are when we can ride as fast as possible down the hill and keep going up the next hill with mostly momentum to get us to the top.)

We followed SH 1 the entire way today.  We wound inland slightly at times.  We had fields with cows on the left, and the ocean on the right.  Amazing!  Otherwise, we followed the coast.  The temps started at 52 but quickly warmed up to a sunny 75.  It is the first day we were able to shed our warm clothes.  Sure is great to have a sag to carry them for us.

The roads were much better, too...almost no chip seal.  Along the way there was the smell of licorice plant, ocean, and eucalyptus trees.  Oh yes, and some cow smells occasionally.

We are staying at a beautiful place today, 'The Breaker Inn.'  Many of us have our own room tonight (a treat!).  Each of the rooms have a theme of a country or US state...I have Ireland!  The room decorations look like a B&B in Ireland.

Tomorrow is a shorter day into Bodega Bay, CA. (49  miles), with an estimated 3,078 ft of climb.